Research & Development Director @Koster Keunen – Bladel

Since 1852, Koster Keunen Holland and Koster Keunen U.S.A. have specialised in processing, formulating and marketing quality waxes to the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, candle and food industries. From beeswax, the foundation of the business and one of its principal products, Koster Keunen has developed a variety of new products to meet new and constantly evolving customer requirements. Koster Keunen’s strength is its extensive knowledge of waxes and scientific experience in developing new products.

By working closely with customers’ R&D departments as well as formulators, Koster Keunen helps its customers to create unique product formulas with significant added value. Koster Keunen will continue to make innovation its tradition, using its unique expertise and perspective to produce the best, most appropriate products for customers.

For Koster Keunen Holland, we are looking for a:

Research & Development Director

In this role, you will have responsibilities requiring different competencies. Working closely with customers and suppliers, you will manage product innovation and the development of new waxes. As such, you will need to be an innovative chemist with a commercial drive. You will also manage a team of laboratory staff (3 FTEs), and be responsible for structuring and developing the laboratory to prepare it for the next decade. As Research & Development Director, you will report directly to the CEO of Koster Keunen Holland.

Key responsibilities

  • Overseeing R&D of new and existing wax and wax-based products in close cooperation with customers and suppliers
  • Participating in the procurement of new natural waxes
  • Improving the product range of existing applications
  • Managing quality control, customer support and external contacts
  • Initiating policies in the field of toxicology, regulation and legislation
  • Organising training and education for staff and distribution network
  • Coordinating good manufacturing practices (GMP)
  • Investigating alternatives for analytical techniques
  • Acting as a link between the laboratory and production site
  • Acting as a quality control link between Koster Keunen Holland and Koster Keunen U.S.A.

You are an experienced individual with an undergraduate/postgraduate qualification in chemistry who can take on the responsibilities of a commercial and a scientific role. You are pragmatic, creative and communicative, and have demonstrable entrepreneurial skills. You are willing to visit customers across the globe and work closely with them on new and existing products. You are familiar with cultural differences and are able to work within different cultures as part of an international multidisciplinary team. You have strong communication skills in Dutch and English, and preferably have a background in the food, pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry.

Koster Keunen is located in Bladel (the Netherlands), between Eindhoven and Tilburg. A new state-of-the-art factory is set to open at the Bladel premises in mid-2018.

If you are interested in this position and would like to apply, please either contact me by phone (+31 (0) 6 4224 7059) or send your CV to

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